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QS Appli-Web 10" x 10 yds


Experience ultimate sheer softness with your appliqué projects even when layering! Select Appli-Web is an ultra-lightweight permanent fusible web. Its unique flexible nature maintains the hand of the fabric with no bulk! Because Select Appli-Web comes in a free form (no paper backing), use it not only for appliqué but also for many other craft and quilt applications, such as fiber-art, paper appliqué, bonding fabric strips for a decoupage effect, yarn embellishment and more! It’s needle friendly; a silicone nonstick or parchment pressing sheet is recommended for use during the fusing process.

Directions for Use and Care

For Appliqué

  • Trace or draw the design pieces directly onto Appli-Web.
  • Trim around the image, leaving at least ¼˝ inch of the Appli-Web outside the traced lines.
  • Using a silicone nonstick or parchment pressing sheet to protect your iron, fuse Appli-Web to the wrong side of decorative fabric. Use a medium temperature on your iron (no steam) with firm pressure; hold the iron in place for several seconds until a bond is achieved.
  • After the piece has cooled, cut out the appliqué precisely using the trace lines.
  • Position the appliqué piece on the base fabric or garment.
  • Once the appliqué is in place, use your iron to press and set the bond. Use a medium/high iron temperature and hold the iron to the appliqué for several seconds, taking care to not scorch your fabric. *Press again on the fabric side for maximum bonding.
  • Finish by stitching around the appliqué with a satin stitch or your favorite decorative stitch if desired.


All irons heat differently. The iron temperature given above is a starting point. If you find that you are not getting a good fuse, slowly increase your iron temperature until you achieve a good bond. Also, remember to press from both sides of the appliqué and apply pressure with your iron! Test before beginning your project!

Use the convenient tape-size rolls of Appli-Web Plus to easily adhere quilt bindings or bias tape to the edges of quilts and home decor items! Eliminate pinning by fusing this tape to the back of ribbons, decorative trims, piping, cording, zippers and more – Appli-Web Plus holds almost anything in place until you are ready to embellish!

Use small pieces of Appli-Web to bond quilt batting to fabric instead of pinning!

Appli-Web has a unique flexible quality and is ideal for delicate or stretch fabrics – great for knit appliqué too!

Appli-Web adheres to many surfaces, including paper and wood! Use for scrapbooking, stickers, paper appliqué and more! Test before beginning your project!

Washer and Dryer Safe

Cool water and low drying temperature recommended.

Size Available

20" x 25 yds (50.8 cm x 22.86 m)

10" x 10 yds (25.4 cm x 9.14 m)

20" x 2 yds (50.8 cm x 1.83 m)

Model: QSAW1010
Manufacturer: RNK Floriani
QS Appli-Web 10" x 10 yds
Price: $20.99

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